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Published: 30th October 2008
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The Runescape Auto Woodcutter is a macro or a program which can be downloaded from the internet. It cuts down the trees and arranges them at the bank automatically while you go about your daily chores in the game. It may be explained as an autopilot mechanism that once activated can go about doing its task without any distraction. This program is used only by the most despicable participant who wants to survive in the game. It violates rule 7 of the Runescape Rules of Conduct. The activation or use of this tool can lead to a permanent ban on the account that you create.

The worldwide web has simplified search procedures today. Almost anything and everything is just a click away. Looking for the auto woodcutter too is a fairly simple job (though this is not recommended). Typing in the ‘Free Runescape auto woodcutters' can do a good job for you as it can be recognized well. All you need to do is look at the various links that are provided and make your choice. However one also needs to beware while doing so as there is the possibility that you may download a Trojan giving an individual access to your account or even hordes of viruses.

The woodcutter is essentially made by using programs like ZIP that are effective. It has two basic color scanners that are in use. They scan the exact color of the leaves and trunk of a tree respectively. After the two colors are scanned, you click the start button; after which your mouse automatically moves, turning the chat to ‘Friends' and the chopping begins. When your load is as much as necessary it leads you to a bank and arranges the wood there. After this the macro goes back to chopping. This process is usually repeated.

This program can usually cause major damage to your game account. There is always a possibility that you may download a Trojan along with the macro; thus giving a hacker access to your account passwords and also other accounts you access on a regular basis. Along with this Jagex, making use of it scanners can identify your use of the auto program. Since this is a violation of its rules and against the gaming policy you can be at the receiving end of a ban. In the end doing the woodcutting you turns out to be more feasible.

The people who use this program usually create new accounts with really difficult names such as dwqp5292 as they confuse others and cannot be reported easily. There are people who believe that reporting an auto program user is futile these days because there are millions of gamers who use them. The application of these programs is very simple because the accounts in Runescape are free and easy to create. The people using these programs are not in the game to have fun but their only aim is to get money buy selling the Runescape gold.

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deldel on September 8, 2011 said:
Auto woodcutters should be easy to set-up and easy to use, otherwise your waisting your time.
Harry on September 13, 2011 said:
Interesting information on such a popular game

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